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Who We Are

Spann Inc is a multi-level sporting event business built around empowering women through the game of basketball. In 2022, our company will position NCAA, WNBA, and everyday women to play the game they love in professional arenas throughout country. Collaborating with incredible sponsors and vendors, women will compete for cash prizes, diamond jewelry, and luxury vacation packages. Spann Inc is about building community, and providing access to resources and information such as financial services and crypto currency.


Men are bred to blow past boundaries 


Woman are taught to heed them, stay within the lanes…..UNTIL NOW!

Kevin Spann III

Loli Gomez

Elan Evans

Our Team

Founder & CEO

Executive Brand Director

Director of Media & Marketing


We are very fortunate to have ambassadors such as Danielle Wilson, Kia Wright, 3x NBA Champion Danny Green, and Mary Lepore. Spann Inc. is not successful without their individual skills sets, business acumen, principles, and passion to supporting our goals.

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