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calling all college prospects!!!

$99 to register

SPANN Inc. College Showcase
SPANN Inc. College Showcase
Apr 23, 2022, 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
The Long Island Fieldhouse,
5600 Old Sunrise Hwy, Massapequa, NY 11758, USA
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learn, grow, and have fun

Players will have an opportunity to win awards such as Most Outstanding Performer, Defensive Player, Shooter of the Combine, Playmaker of the Combine, and Coaches Award for displaying the best leadership and Enthusiasm. Players will also learn how to perform in a highlight competitive environment with coaches, guest speakers, and mentors who have done it at the highest Collegiate and Professional Levels. Individual and Group Workouts will be offered leading up to the Combine at the Fieldhouse Sports Complex, please email Kevin Spann -


The Unsigned HS Senior Combine will be held at the Fieldhouse Sports Complex in Massapequa located in Long Island, NY. Each player will have an opportunity to play a minimum of 3 games, and purchase game film as well as highlights. Coaches will be handing out evaluation cards, and College coaches are allowed to communicate to players directly.

What Do Division 1
coaches look for?

At The Spann Inc Unsigned HS Senior Combine, players will have the opportunity to learn the basic knowledge of what Division I Coaches look for on and off the court as a player. The emphasis will be on offense intelligence, defensive tenacity, and enthusiastic body language around coaches and teammates. Players will participate in high pressure game situations, transition from defense to offense, and skill development in the half court to create and defend shots, all in front of our expert training staff and coaches.

points of focus




  • Accepting Ball pressure

  • Making plays off Pick and Roll/Dribble Handoff

  • Explosive finishes around the basket

  • Creating space and balanced shots for yourself and teammates

  • Playing off the ball in the half court

  • Ability to catch and shoot and make free throws

  • Pick Up Full Court

  • Defend Around Screens

  • Taking charges on and off the ball

  • Defend The Pick and Roll

  • Applying Pressure on dead ball situations

  • Defend the Post without help

  • Active hands in passing lanes

  • Disrupt the opponents Game plan

  • Playing with multiple fouls

  • Body Language Accountability

  • Time Management

  • Locker Room Leadership

  • Bench Engagement

  • Great Practice Habits

  • Pre-game routine and mentality

  • Post Game body language

  • Learning how to communicate with coaching staff

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what players will work on?

  • Dynamic Stretching and Core Warm Up

  • NBA level Ball Handling Drills

  • Variety of Rim Finishes Left and Right

  • Shooting Off The Dribble

  • Shooting On the Move and In Transition 

  • Communicating and Staying Engaged 

  • Competing At The Highest Level

mission statement

The Spann Inc Unsigned HS Senior Combine is built on three core principles:

  • Create Great Practice and Game Habits

  • Be the Hardest worker you can be while being coachable

  • Excel as an incredible leader and teammate


Whether competing in the workouts leading up to the combine, or the combine, Spann Inc trainers and coaches provide a fun, energy, and highly motivating environment where prospective student athletes strive to implement our core principles. We thrive at being detailed, and our players are able to apply instruction with a lot of encouragement. The player will  leave with a detailed training regimen, and an enthusiasm to be the best version of themselves on and off the court.

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The following URLS need to be posted on your event website to assist participants in knowing what they need to do in order to be eligible to participate in NCAA-certified events:
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2. The USA Basketball Gold License link ( - because all individuals involved in coaching activities will need to obtain a USAB Gold License.  (Returning users should RENEW their previous account and NOT create a new one.)
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